Photo: Steve De Neef

Community based conservation.


On the Eastern Caribbean island of Dominica, Oceans Forward is  partnering with the Dominican Sea Turtle Conservation Organization (“DomSeTCO”) to reduce the illegal killing of endangered sea turtles. We're using innovative scientific methods such as satellite linked telemetry and behavioral logging to inform policy and establish marine protected areas at nesting beaches, developing beach patrols in selected communities, building capacity for locally run turtle tourism operations, and promoting sea turtle conservation through awareness and education campaigns in local schools and communities.


Essential to our work in Dominica is Floating Classrooms, a grade school ocean education program designed to increase conservation awareness, reduce poaching of endangered marine turtles, and eliminate marine debris. The program exposes elementary school students to a structured combination of cross-disciplinary classroom study, student-led community service initiatives, and hands-on learning. By increasing students’ understanding of the global role of endemic marine life, Floating Classrooms fosters an appreciation for and a commitment to protecting marine life in the Caribbean and beyond, ensuring future generations of responsible ocean stewards. Preliminary results demonstrate an increase in ocean literacy, and evidence a marked shift in community attitudes against the poaching of endangered leatherback sea turtles.


Photo: Steve De Neef


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