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A healthy ocean matters


All life on earth depends on a healthy ocean. Fifty to seventy percent of the world’s oxygen—approximately every other breath we take—comes from the ocean, more than all of the planet’s rainforests combined. The ocean is the number one source of protein for more than a billion people, and most of world's population lives on or near the coast. It supports the biggest biodiversity and the greatest abundance of life on the planet, regulates our climate, absorbs carbon dioxide, and holds most of our water.  


Our conservation projects are technology enabled, bring tangible value to local communities, and are defined by clear objectives and independent measurable results. Our work is designed to be repeatable, scalable, and leveragable to ensure positive, lasting ocean protection.

who we are

Our team has diverse backgrounds, from marine biologists to attorneys, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, but we all share a passion for intelligent marine conservation. Oceans Forward is registered as a California non-profit corporation and is tax exempt in California and under section 501(c)(3) of the United States tax code.






There are many ways to help Oceans Forward. Our work relies on independent funding and support, and every gift helps us work for ocean protection. Please click here to make a tax-deductable donation or to join our team.





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