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We support local actions that drive global change


Our work leverages technology and community empowerment to bring about measurable, independently sustainable results. Each project we select is designed to serve as a blueprint that can be scaled up and replicated regionally and globally.


From creating innovative data driven technology platforms, to using community engineering to drive policy change, our conservation work is effective, innovative, and measurable. For a representation of what we do and why our work matters for the oceans, please see below.




Flukebook ( is a free, online resource designed to strengthen the global conservation of whales and dolphins. Designed in collaboration with WildMe, Flukebook enables researchers to manage, share, analyze and archive data via pioneering, user friendly software.

education and



In partnership with the Dominica Sea Turtle Conservation Organization, we're working to reduce the illegal killing of endangered sea turtles by promoting marine education campaigns at local schools, building capacity for locally run tourism operations, and using innovative scientific methods to inform policy and establish marine protected areas at nesting beaches.

informed marine



Whale watching in Iceland is a sustainable form of tourism that supports the local economy. In partnership with Elding Whale Watching and Icewhale, we're using citizen science and satellite telemetry to understand the underwater small-scale movements of minke whales, supporting efforts to expand an existing whale sanctuary in Faxafloi Bay.

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