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Oceans Forward partners with organizations that are committed to innovative ocean conservation. To learn more about becomimg a partner, please contact us.

Dominica’s Sea Turtle Conservation Organization Inc. (DomSeTCO) was founded in 2007 to coordinate a national sea turtle research, conservation and ecotourism effort in the Commonwealth of Dominica. 

The Dominica Sperm Whale Project's ("DSWP") mission is to learn from the sperm whales of the Caribbean as to better help conserve and protect the populations and cultural diversity of cetaceans worldwide. DSWP's research program integrates both a long-term observational approach and innovative technology to address key questions about this marine apex predator. While the project's main objectives focus on social behaviour and vocal communication, this integrative program incorporates   biological sampling for genetic, diet, and blubber analysis; as well as passive acoustic monitoring and photographic assessment of cetacean populations for local governments.

At Wild Me, high technology and citizen science are telling the amazing stories of animals' lives. Wildlife research in the 21st century will be an amazing blend of drones with advanced computer vision, massive data collection by citizen scientists, and the integration of artificial intelligence to help make sense of it all. We are starting to have unprecedented insight into the complex and rich lives of the wildlife we study. Through advanced computing, Wild Me is bringing their stories to you.

Steve De Neef is a photojournalist and videographer based in Maine, USA who specializes in conservation, documentary and underwater stories. He mainly works with scientists, NGO’s and coastal communities in the hopes of inspiring positive change and getting research and conservation efforts seen by a broader audience. He has worked with numerous magazines, newspapers, NGO’s and production companies like National Geographic, BBC, Hakai Magazine, Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, New York Times, LA Times, National Geographic Traveler, BBC Wildlife, Asian Geographic, Ocean Geographic, Oceana, and many more.

Elding Whale Watching is the first and only environmentally certified whale watching company in Iceland. With decades of experience, Elding provides responsible whale watching tours, year round. Elding follows IceWhale’s codes of conduct for responsible whale watching as well as their ownstricter guidelines, and takes part in international cooperation on the future of whale watching. Elding also participates in and supports marine biologists' reserach on wildlife in the area. Elding also is the first and only environmentally certified whale watching company in Iceland.

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