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Photo: Steve De Neef

Flukebook connects people to whales.

Representative of our technology driven approach to conservation, Flukebook provides a universal platform for researchers, conservationists and citizen scientists to work together to strengthen the global conservation of whales and dolphins. 


Flukebook is a free online resource that uses photographs of flukes and scars (and soon, dorsal fins), to distinguish between individual animals. Flukebook’s powerful data management software, photo matching algorithms and analysis tools consolidate existing research and connect data to provide oceanic and global scale information for researchers and conservation groups.


A catalyst for collaboration, Flukebook enables researchers to manage, share, analyze and archive data via pioneering, user friendly software. Flukebook unites researchers, conservationists and citizen scientists, enables connections with individual animals, and provides robust data to inform conservation of marine mammals and their habitats.


For more information or to submit a sighting, visit or contact us. 

“Sperm whales roam so vastly that no one research group can study them across their range. Photo ID as a tool for conservation and research finds power in numbers and international, inter-institutional collaboration. Flukebook enables us to do this easily.”

- Shane Gero, The Dominica Sperm Whale Project

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